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BURLINGAME – Asssemblymember and former social worker Tony Thurmond will be California’s next Superintendent of Public Instruction. In an historic victory for the millions of public school students across California, Marshall Tuck called Tony Thurmond 11 days after Election Day to concede in a race where every vote mattered.

The most recent results from the Secretary of State are available here.

Despite being outspent by more than 2-to-1 by billionaires backing former Wall Street banker Tuck and his scheme to privatize our public schools, Thurmond prevailed in what was the most expensive race for a state schools chief in U.S. history thanks to the work of thousands of educators, parents and public education supporters.

“Congratulations to Tony Thurmond, California’s next Superintendent of Public Instruction. Tony has always been a winner in the eyes of educators who were inspired by his character and genuine support for all the students of our state,” said Eric C, Heins, president of the 325,000-member California Teachers Association. “It’s clear that educators played a pivotal role in this election. We sent a loud message to the billionaires and corporate special interests who spent nearly $40 million trying to buy the state superintendent’s office: Our public schools are not for sale!”  

“Never underestimate the power of public school educators, who stood together in unity to do what’s right for our students. We phone-banked, texted, canvassed and volunteered for candidates like Tony who want quality public schools and an equal opportunity to higher education for all children. I want to thank all CTA members for their hard work in this election. We look forward to working with Tony to ensure all students succeed.”

“Electing Tony Thurmond as state superintendent and Gavin Newsom as governor were our top priorities. Tony prevailed in the most expensive race for a statewide schools’ chief in the history of U.S. politics because California voters know he will advocate for all students.  The misleading attack ads against Tony by the billionaire allies of Marshall Tuck backfired as voters rejected their agenda to take money from our neighborhood public schools to give to their corporate charter schools. Both Thurmond and Newsom will treat our schools as community centers, not profit centers.”


The 325,000-member California Teachers Association is affiliated with the 3 million-member National Education Association.

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